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The retirement plan landscape can be intimidating; you don’t have to go it alone.

Many advisors have one or two retirement plans they work with, simply as a result of private client relationships. They aren’t necessarily aiming to grow this aspect of their business.


With more than 15 plans and more than $35 million in total plan assets, we think we’re a bit unique. We consider our retirement plan business an important part of our firm and our future.


Whether we already work with you as the financial advisor on your company’s plan or you’re considering us for a similar role, know that we have a team of employees who work on this business and are familiar with this heavily regulated and complex business. 


From helping design a plan that works for the owners, managers, and employees, to conducting retirement education sessions for employees, to helping HR reps tasked with plan administration, we hope to work closely and collegially with you in all of these endeavors.